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In April 2012 Martin participated in the training course " Music in Health Settings" as part of "Classically Inspired Music Residency" in Our Lady's Hospital for sick Children, Crumlin, Dublin. Training officer was Marianne Clarac from Musique et Sante, Paris, France. Martin is since workeing together with Grainne Hope from Classically Inspired on various occasions.
Martin and Ruti Lachs have won support from Kerry County Council and have worked together at the children’s ward in Tralee General Hospital in 2013, 2014 and 2015. Martin received support from Kerry County Council and attended the Music in Healthcare Settings course by Music et Sante, Paris in July 2013. In 2000-2001 Martin worked in a school for children with special needs (Heilpaedagogische Schule, Flawil, Switzerland) and was, as co-worker, actively involved in the music therapy sessions.
Since 2008 he hosts weekly Drum circles for People with special needs in Kerry and weekend workshops nationwide.

Live music in hospitals

Music is a therapeutic ally. It helps the atmosphere and adds an element of fun and normality to the lives of all, in hospital or outside.

Benefits in healthcare settings include:
 enjoyment; release of tension; engaging in “normal” activities – playing, singing, movement; creating a warm, light atmosphere in the hospital,
not just for patients, but also for staff and family members; social interaction between staff and children, children and parents, and staff and parents.

The music activities take place in the day room, in the ward, at the bed side, and/or in the inbetween spaces (corridors, lobby). 
Repertoire includes children’s songs that are well known, as well as world and classic melodies, Irish tunes, made-up songs and rhythms, and songs from other countries. Children are encouraged to join in according to their ability: by singing, playing a little percussion instrument, making up words to songs, and doing actions to the songs. Ruti plays Piano Accordion and sings, Martin plays small percussion, sings and also plays other instruments such as the Thumb Piano (Kalimba) and the West African Harp N'Goni.

Martin and Ruti's approach is very gentle, and varies according to the needs of the staff and patients at any particular moment or on any given day.

Quotes from parents, children & staff

Feedback forms were distributed to staff and families at the Chidren's Ward at the Kerry General Hospital Tralee.

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