A wide range of unique percussion workshops are available to primary and secondary schools:

All workshops incorporate elements of the primary school curriculum: listening and responding, performing and composing – the three core strands of the NCCA.

  • Once-off percussion workshop

  • 6 – 8 week programme including performance

  • Interactive performance showcasing instruments from around the world

  • Teacher training

The workshops aim to support the children to:

  • gain knowledge about the fundamentals of music making in an interactive and enjoyable way
  • develop listening and responding, performing and composing skills
  • develop concentration and precision
  • develop coordination
  • develop literacy skills
  • inspire and encourage a playful relationship to rhythm and music making
  • inspire and empower the students to make up their own rhythms and arrangements
  • work together as a team
  • strengthen relationships in the classroom

6 Week Program including Performance

In the first two weeks each group will be introduced to the Percussion Instruments, technique and basic music skills such as pulse, tempo, dynamics, timbre and pitch. As the children gain confidence they will be encouraged and helped to make up there own rhythms. Playfully the students learn to listen, respond, co-create and explore the basics of music making (pulse, tempo, dynamics, timbre and pitch). From the very beginning we will work on set Rhythms and arrangements for the performance. It is important to me however to leave enough space for the children to ideally come up with their own rhythms and arrangements which we can develop together.

Week three, four and five we work on the rhythm arrangement. The children will be encouraged to create there own “Break’s” (a call and response which is used in west african and samba style drumming). We put all the learned together to compose a powerful and fun performance.

Week six: rehearsal and Performance

On each of the Days I will demonstrate two new percussion Instruments from around the world. Instruments include: Berinbao (Brazil), Udu (Nigeria), Gong (Indonesia), N’Goni (West Africa). Aim is to Inspire and stimulate an interest in world music, culture and geography.

The 6 week programme incorporates elements of the primary school curriculum: listening and responding, performing and composing – the three core strands of the NCCA.

Regular percussion workshop (50 min per class)

Highly educational and lots of fun!

This 50 minutes percussion workshop is designed to give all children/students (and teachers) a fun drumming experience and introduce you to an exiting world of rhythm. The rhythms thought are inspired by african and brazilian drumming traditions. Every child will have their own drum. The workshops are tailored to the children's age and abilities.

Younger children explore the basics of music making (pulse, tempo, dynamics, timbre and pitch (high and low), playfully learn to co-create, to listen, to give and take space and build up an understanding of the fundamentals of music.

Older children learn more complex rhythms and rhythm arrangements.

Highly educational – Lots of Fun - All Drums provided!

Teacher training

Using Rhythm in the Classroom

This course is designed to build the repertoire of primary school teachers in teaching music as well as introducing new ideas, methods and skills that can be used to integrate music into literacy (oral language skills, listening and responding, following directions, communication skills, sound identification, develop auditory memory), numeracy (counting, multiplication), PE (coordination, balance, kin-aesthetic activity), social and personal development, icebreakers, transitions, movement breaks, refreshers, etc. Teachers will be introduced to active and fun rhythmical activities such as body percussion, making up rhythms using words, cup rhythms on tables, songs and games which can use in the classrooms.

The courses are designed to make the content easily assessable through hands on activities and practical application of learning.


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